10 Amazing places In Prague

Prague offers various magical locations and sceneries, which many wedding cameramen and photographers consider paradise. The historical center of Prague is literally a jewel not only for passionate architects, but undoubtedly also for every photographer and cameraman. Here are the top 10 most beautiful locations in Prague.

1. Grébovka (Havlíčkovi sady)

Outside the city center, where most tourist go, is a beautiful place full of photogenic backgrounds called Grebovka. This place is located in Havlickove sady, Prague 2. They are also known as Grébovka. It is a place that offers a really huge number of interesting looks and scenes that can be used for wedding and engagement shoots

Once you’ve  booked with me, I’ll send you an Exclusive location suggestions list with detailed spots for you to choose from! Do wear outfits that are easy to move around though as some locations might require to clime few stairs or move around slim walkways.

2. Nový Svět (New World)

The picturesque Novy Svet lies below Prague Castle and is considered the most beautiful place in Prague. It is crouched under the mighty walls and away from all the hustle and bustle. It is said that Nový Svět is the goldenest in all of Prague. Legend has it that poor people, who could not live in the castle, wanted to make up for their misery by naming their streets and houses with golden names. Its a perfect place to site see and take great pictures.

3. Dripstone Wall – Vadštejnské Záhrady

The Wallenstein Garden is a beautiful place. This park offers many options for wedding or pre-wedding and engagement shooting. There are green and flowering trees, tall hedges, benches, curbs, stairs, a pond and several fountains. There are many possibilities for pre-wedding images in the Wallenstein Garden.

4. Radotínský most (Radotin bridge)

The old Town doesn’t have to be in the shot all the time to make a iconic image in Prague. The bridges of the city are sometimes just enough. They make a beautiful backdrop for a stylish bride and groom all on their own. Radotinsky bridge is just one of the bridges that prove this point. There’s indeed something special about the bridges here.

The Radotín Bridge spans across the wide valley between Vltava and Berounka rivers, just before the confluence. It is a beautiful structure, especially when viewed from below. A path leads between the massive concrete columns, which are reacheble by car. The bridge leads from Prague to Radotín. Its accesable by car right at the exit of the road, or you can drive directly under the bridge.

5. Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

6. Staré Město (Old Town)

The old town is a relatively large location that offers beautiful, romantic and mysterious corners of old streets. There are also arcades, stone walls of churches, glass windows of luxury shops, gardens and other. The same is true here in the Old Town of Prague, what is true of Charles Bridge. The most beautiful wedding shots can be taken here early in the morning, when the city is practically deserted.

The Orloy is a place of art, culture, and history. Taking your Prague pre-wedding photos here does not only mean the famous Orloy but also the gorgeous architecture that the old town offers! Check out this STUNNING pre-wedding from this place HERE!

7. Nábřeží (River Port)

The Vltava River, which flows through the city center, also offers a number of places where you can take a beautiful pre-wedding photo. In addition to the water surface, there can also be beautiful white swans in the image as a backdrop while also having famous Prague monuments also. It is possible to go to the waterfront to shoot practically at any time during the day. However, the most beautiful wedding video is created at sunrise or sunset.

8. Letná

Letná is a relatively large area, from which beautiful views of the historical center of Prague open up. One of the most beautiful places is at the Hanava Pavilion. From here there is one of the most beautiful views of the city, the Vltava River and its bridges.

9. Prague Castle

Prague Castle and surrounding area itself is a wonderful place for elegant pre-wedding images. I recommend avoiding the tourist rush hour, which is in the afternoon up to 1 hour before sunset. After that time most tourist leave for dinner. Moreover the entrance to the Castle grounds is also guarded by security.

10. Vrtbovská garden

Vrtbovská garden in Malá Strana. Although it is on the direct path between Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, it is neglected by most tourists. Its entrance is hidden behind a long passage to the courtyard. As soon as you enter the Vrtbovská Garden, you will find yourself in a Baroque garden. Perfectly maintained park, beautiful baroque statues, majestic staircases, ponds, flowering flowerbeds and amazing views of Prague Castle, the Church of St. Nicholas and the Old Town. Highly recommended by me to visit ?

Vrtboska garden is a classy, elegant location for a couple to take their pre-wedding photos in Prague. This place is a one place stop, once you get here you will not need to move to other locations for pictures. The expansive grounds provide ample room to play with light and freedom of movement. The light & airy pathways and the lush greenery of the garden lend natural beauty to the location, markedly different from the straight lines and structures of Prague’s architectural landmarks. As you can see, there is something for every kind of bride and groom in the city.

Source: www.peterrigo.com


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