Information that I will need from you for filming your wedding day

    Wedding date:


    Bride's full name:

    Bride's phone number:

    Groom's full name:

    Groom's number:

    Getting ready

    Address where the bride will be getting ready? (and the time):

    Address where the groom will be getting ready? (and the time):

    Are you gonna change love letters?


    Address of the place where the wedding ceremony if going to take place (and the time):

    How many guests do you expect to attend the ceremony?

    Which kind of ceremony do you plan?

    Will be there any vow?

    Will you see each other before the ceremony?

    The venue where the ceremony is going to take place (exterior/interior, basic description, link, etc)

    Is there anything else we should know about the ceremony?


    Address & time of the wedding reception:

    How many guests do you expect to attend the reception/party?

    Do you plan to shoot wedding portraits? When and for how long? (we usually recommend photo-shooting in the late afternoon - better light conditions)

    Any interesting locations nearby?


    Do you plan any of the following activities?

    Do you plan anything else?

    Wedding Suppliers

    Organisation/coordinator (name, web, phone):

    Photographer (name, web):

    Make-Up/Hair stylist (name, web):

    Live band/DJ (name, web):

    Flowers/Decoration (name, web):

    Cakes (name, web):

    Final film

    Do you have any special requirements for the final video?

    Which video of mine took your attention?

    What form of clip processing do you prefer?

    Postprocessing of clip

    Is there anything we should know and haven't ask?

    What music do you prefer for a wedding clip?

    Something about you (how you met, where, shared interests, what you love about each other)